Prevention is Better Than a Cure

“ The doctor of the future will give no medicines but will interest their patients in the care of the human frame,  in diet, and in the cause of prevention of human disease.”

Prevention: the practice of stopping something from happening or arising.”

It’s a simple enough action and something we all do in our surroundings: we install smoke alarms and sprinklers to prevent fires, we keep food refrigerated to keep it from spoiling,  we dress warmly to prevent getting cold in the winter…

Why then, don’t more of us practice prevention when it comes to our health?

There are several reasons for this I think.

Unfortunately, many people are often more comfortable spending more money on material things rather than themselves.

(Think car maintenance, new shoes and clothes etc.)

We live in a society that speaks about “spoiling oneself” instead of “treating oneself well” when getting health or wellness care such as massage or acupuncture; Western medicine focuses on curing symptoms rather that treating the root cause of what is happening- Treat rather than prevent. This has taught us to be reactive when it comes to our personal wellness, when we should be proactive.

Chinese medicine theory speaks at lengths about the importance of prevention.  A good doctor is said to be one that keeps a patient healthy rather than curing him/ her of illness.  If you feel overall well, come for a consultation and treatment at least once a season- this can help prevent seasonal ailments as well as get you energy aligned with the greater world around you.  If you are running with low grade stress, fatigue and less that optimal sleep or digestion, come in at least once a month to prevent things from getting worse.  If you have a specific concern, come in as soon as possible and begin feeling better as soon as possible, and stop things from getting worse.  A treatment plan can be set up to maximize your results.

The power of prevention is available to anyone – you just need to get started.

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